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Scientific Thinking Assignment at an Affordable Cost


Annotated Bibliography (five summaries of your five research sources) o This is research for your term paper. o For each of the five required research sources, write a brief summary. o Each annotation should be approximately 100 words and written in sentence/paragraph form. o Make sure each annotation first states the author’s qualifications. Then, write a brief summary of the key concepts of the source and why it’s important to your term paper topic. o Set up this bibliography according to APA style guidelines. o Remember: Authors must be qualified to write in the field you have chosen. Authors must have education and experience in the field in which they are writing. o Review notes carefully.
➢ Term Paper & Five Annotated Bibliographies (30%) o You must choose your own topic based on a current real world, complex, interdisciplinary subject matter. You will use your skill set developed in this course to write the term paper by analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating your subject matter. o According to our course goals: you should employ integrative thinking and draw on the multidisciplinary nature of STS to substantively interact with the complex issue. o However: Focus your paper on explaining only one scientific concept, in depth, that relates to one specific academic discipline (ex: chemistry, psychology, physics, sociology, etc). Otherwise, your paper will be too broad in scope. o Total word count, including the annotated bibliography section, should be 2000 words. o Audience Analysis: ▪ Write this paper to a general audience. ▪ Assume your reader has no background knowledge in your area of interest. ▪ Explain all concepts • Write as if you were a high school teacher explaining an idea to students who have never read this topic before. • Or, assume you are a science writer journalist for a local newspaper who must communicate a scientific idea to a general readership. • Explain all jargon!

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