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Self-Management Project Outline and Rubric  (Sample paper attached below)This is in outline form but you will need to write in complete sentences.  APA format is required.  Also, the terms may make no sense right now, but they will soon. 1.  Target Behavior and definition 2.  Goal:  What is the level you wanted to get to?  Think frequency, duration, etc 
3.  Measurement:   a. What dimension did you measure?   b. What method are you using (eg interval-type, frequency, duration, permanent product).  c.  When do you self-monitor and how do you self-monitor?
4.  Assessment:  a. What are the behaviors and contingencies that “get in the way” (competing behaviors and contingencies) of performing your goal behavior? For example-I often don’t drink enough water when I am busy with a lot of office work, or because I really like to drink coffee during the day.   b. What are the contingencies/reinforcers that will help maintain your positive behavior (e. g. I may drink more water if it’s flavored instead of plain).   c. How can you arrange variables such as MOs, SDs (prompts etc) 
response effort? (eg. If I keep a water bottle with me I may be more likely to drink water) 
5.   Intervention/Procedure:  What changes did you make to the variables determined during assessment to increase/decrease your behavior? a. Antecedent manipulations (prompting, SDs, MOs, effort etc) b. Consequence manipulations (reinforcement, extinction etc) 
6.  Graph:   a. You need to graph at a minimum, at least three baseline points and six intervention points.  Remember that you will want your baseline stable or trending in the opposite direction!  (AB design) ] b.  You must have:  axis labels, phase change line, condition titles, data 
7.  Results and conclusion a. were you successful?  Why or why not?  b.  How will you promote maintenance of your behavior change if you were successful or what might you change to reach your goal in the future?

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