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Senior Research Paper Assignment at an Affordable Cost


Senior Research Paper and Presentation

Goal: Create a 2-3 page (12pt. font, double spaced) essay that focuses on a specific group of people that are oppressed currently or were at some time in history. 

Avoid general overviews or summaries.

 Examples: The Holocaust, the Irish oppression by the English, 

 Racism in America)

Rather have a very specific focus: 

Examples: A series of restrictive laws that eventually led to the death camps, the potato famine of 1845-1852, Jim Crow law.

The paper should be based on a minimum of three sources and include five quotes. The quotes should be listed on separate pages. They should not be part of the paper. The paper should be your words only reflecting analysis and paraphrasing of the quotes (include internal citations).

The 2-3 page, double spaced paper should be a minimum of five paragraphs:

Paragraph 1 – Introduction

Clearly states intent of the paper

Offers some general background 


A hook – gather reader interest

Paragraph 2, 3 –  Analysis, details. 

Provides specific information

about the subject. Educates the reader on

the specific problems and suffering the 

oppressed group experienced.

Paragraph 4    –   The current state

How is the oppressed group fairing in today’s 

society? Include specific examples.

Paragraph 5 – Conclusion

Summarize the paper. End with something 

important to think about or perhaps an essential


Quote page(s): List 5 quotes from three different sources 

Label each source (Text 1, Text 2, Text 3)

Each quote should include the link, the source, and the title of 

the article.

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