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Servant-Leadership Action Steps Paper


As we have witnessed in this seminar, being a leader is complicated and requires effort and commitment. 

Please prepare a four to five page paper with your reflections on servant – leadership. Explain what some of the most important “actions” servant-leaders can take when leading organizations. Then, provide a minimum of three action steps that you can and/or will take and apply to your personal and/or professional lives. 

Also, please include your thoughts about the “tough times” and “aha moments” that prompted you to examine our seminar’s topic further.For example, can a servant leadership culture survive in an organization when economic “times are tough?” Or, do work environments need to quickly revert back to “command and control” structures? And finally, what takeaways or “aha moments” did you have as you read the material and participated in our weekly forum discussions?
***Included one source in the file section!!!

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