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Settle Prices Questions assignment at an affordable cost

Week 6 Web exercise (Links to an external site.).
If you are unable to access the site, try the following alternate site: (Links to an external site.)

If you use this alternate site, there is no need to click on Agriculture, then Soybeans.

Click on Agriculture, then “Soybeans.”
Write down the “prior settle” prices for the first six contracts listed.
Does the pattern of settle prices appear to be upward or downward with the passage of time? What might this tell you about anticipated future price movements for soybeans?
Click on the tab “Products and Trading” just below “CME Group,” then on the link “Insights and Analysis.” See if you can find a story that validates the pattern shown in question. If you can, write a brief summary (maximum 100 words). If not, bypass this question. (Appropriate news stories are not always available.)

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