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Short Answer questions relating to Psychology

1. Suppose that (for whatever reason) you wanted to cause a riot at a protest that was currently peaceful but tense. What (concretely) would you do?

2. What factors promote and inhibit obedience?

3. Was the Milgram experiment ethical?

4. How could priming and automatic decision making be used in political campaigns?

5. To what extent are people’s actions freely determined?

6. How does emotion influence cognition?

7. How could one defend oneself against people using the “weapons of influence” (e.g., commitment/consistency, scarcity, etc.)? Discuss any three “weapons”.

8. What situational (i.e., temporary, short-term) factors influence attraction?

9. How (concretely) would you create friendship between a Trump supporter and a Trump opponent?

10. How good are people at predicting the future?

11. What is the James-Lange theory of emotion? Do you agree with its perspective?

12. Suppose you are a psychologically minded financial advisor. How might you improve your clients’ decision-making in this context?

13. Design a study testing any social psychological concept. What are the independent variables? What are the levels? What are the dependent variables, and how are they operationally defined? What is the hypothesis? Draw a figure showing the results you predict. Why, theoretically, do you predict these results?

14. How is emerging technology changing the way that basic psychological processes function? Identify at least two specific examples of how a process occurs in a fundamentally different way than it did twenty years ago.

15. Write your own question relating to psychology; answer it.

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