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“Short Shorts”—Documentary Film assignment at an affordable cost


Essay 2 on Unit 2: “Short Shorts”—Documentary Film

This unit we discussed and analyzed short documentary film, across varying subjects and themes and using various production methods and techniques. In a well-developed analytical essay, respond to the following question:

Use one of the documentary films (from the list below) in your analysis essay. Using one short quotation from Betsy A. McLane’s excerpts from A New History of Documentary Film, how does the film you select prove or disprove the quotation?

  • Julie Buck’s Double Exposed
  • Ben Proudfoot’s Queen of Basketball
  • Courtney Dixon’s Believe in Ghosts
  • Roxy Rezvany’s Wifi Rider

Your Essay Requirements:

  • 4 pages, double-spaced, and typed.
  • Include a heading with the title of your essay, your name, my name, and the date.
  • Include the Academic Integrity Policy that is stated on your syllabus
  • Include in-text citations. Use page numbers for McLane i.e. (McLane 19). Here is the MLA in-text citation format for the documentaries, which includes the name of the film in italics and the minute range you are referencing in your evidence i.e. (Believe in Ghosts 4:00-5:00).
  • No outside sources for this essay. Only use the one selected source from the list above.
  • Please proofread your essay for clarity. I even suggest reading your essay aloud, so you can catch any weird sentence constructions, missing words, or typos.
  • I encourage you to use my office hours and the Writing Center as resources. I ask that you bring your work when you meet with me in office hours (i.e. your thesis statement, a body paragraph, a draft, etc). Email me to schedule an appointment.

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