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Should abortion be legal Assignment at an Affordable Cost

Should abortion be legal If the pregnancy was caused by rape or incest?


Executive Summary: Give a brief overview of the problem or issue, why the reader should care about it, and the key recommendations your memo will propose. (1-2 paragraphs)

Situation Brief: Go into more detail on the history of the problem, describing how it grew into an issue that now needs to be addressed. What laws or court decisions have impacted the issue? Provide statistical evidence (charts, graphs, figures) to show the stakes involved in addressing it. (2 pages)

Policy Recommendations: Layout three (3) potential policy options and identify which one you most recommend. Justify your position by describing the costs and benefits of adopting your recommendation and using as much evidence as you can marshal to strengthen your claim and persuade your audience. Also describe which groups may benefit most from your policy recommendation and which groups might be impacted negatively. (3-4 paragraphs/1-2 pages)Sources: Provide a References page of sources used. (minimum 4 sources)

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