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Should Animals be Used for Medical Research?

Critical Perspective Taking Term Paper Instructions General Instructions You will prepare a term paper on an issue concerning human-animal interrelationships (see Schedule for due dates). In this paper you will develop alternative (pro and con) positions on the identified issue, taking into consideration different perspectives (e.g., from the perspective of a medical research, conservationist, ethicist, farmer, etc.). Please know that our Teaching Team is there to support you! A specific Teaching Assistant (TA) is assigned to help you through the process of developing a well-crafted paper. The Term Paper project will have 3 stages of development: • Stage 1: Outline (100 points) o You will first develop a detailed outline. We recommend you meet and go over your outline with your TA, but this is optional. The outline will be graded and you will receive feedback. If you earn a grade lower than 70%, you will be required to meet with your TA and go over the Outline feedback to prepare for writing Term Paper version 1. • Stage 2: Term Paper version 1 (200 points) o The feedback on the outline will guide you to successfully write your first version of the Term Paper. Put in your best effort–write it as if it is your final version. The more you do for your version 1, the more your TA will be able to help you! This Term Paper v.1 will be graded and you will receive feedback. • Stage 3: Term Paper version 2 (200 points) o You will be able to incorporate the feedback of Term Paper v.1 into a revised, rewritten paper. Even with your best effort, you will likely make some mistakes, but making mistakes is part of learning and Gen Ed courses (like this one) recognize that students need the opportunity to make those mistakes without being penalized. Therefore, you will be given the opportunity to read the feedback given on Term Paper version 1, learn from your mistake, and submit your work that has been improved as Term Paper version 2. If your grade on Term Paper version 2 is higher, as we expect, then it will replace your previous grade. To be clear we will only record the highest grade of these two Term Paper versions (and it is worth 20% of your course grade). This way you can take the feedback from your Term Paper v1 and improve your grade for Term Paper v2. We expect each student to turn in a version 1 and an improved version 2 of the term paper. Specific Instructions • Topic: Please select one of the topics (see Term Paper Topics provided in D2L) • Length: 6-10 text pages (must be at least 6 pages and no more than 10 pages); Your Outline does not have a page length requirement. o not including Title page o not including References section o important graphs or illustrations may be included (with proper citation) but will not be counted toward the text page length • Format Specifics: o double-spaced lines o 12pt font o 1 inch margins o page numbers (bottom right) on all pages following the title page (i.e., NOT on title page) o each section should begin with a heading (e.g., Introduction. See template section headings) o References section of your paper should include at least 2 peer-reviewed sources that are in bold font. See “References” section below with further explanation. • Pro & Con Positions: Though you may have strong opinions and feelings supporting one side of the topic/question you selected, you will present both a pro and con positions on the topic. • Different Perspectives: Think of all the possible perspectives that might answer the question in different ways. Put yourself in their shoes of different people and answer the topic question. Examples of different perspectives: • Animal welfare proponents • Animal rights advocates • Food security proponents • Ethicists, philosophers • National and local economic / employment interests • Educators • Medical researchers • Parents • Small business owners • Family ranchers or farmers • Large-scale agriculturalists /factory farmers • Wildlife managers • Conservationists Think of 2 different perspectives for the PRO position, and 2 different perspectives for the CON position (see Term Paper Topics provided in D2L for an example topic with different perspectives.) • References: provide at least 2 peer-reviewed articles that supports both positions (1 for Pro and 1 for Con) in APA reference style o Watch the video posted in D2L on “What is a peer-reviewed article?” o Use the Library Tools (see top menu in D2L) to find resources, such as: o Library Tools tab also has “Citation Style Guides” which shows the APA style citation we require. There you will find a handy website called the Online Writing Lab (OWL) which shows you the format for different kinds of references and how to do in-text citations: o Note: The entire paper is NOT in APA format, only the citation style and references format. o o Your TA can also demonstrate some tools that will automatically format your References (as also shown in the recording of Lecture 12). o You are using the articles as support for one (or more) of the perspectives by summarizing the findings or relevant statistics. o You will probably use other sources of information such as magazine articles or websites. Make sure these are credible sources (i.e., they are based on evidence not just opinion). If you are not sure about the reliability of a source, ask a librarian to help you assess the source. You will list all your sources in the references. But be sure to include at least 2 peerreviewed articles for your paper. • Criteria for Evaluating Reliability • How to spot fake news o In the References section of your paper, indicate one reference for the “PRO” position by showing it in bold font and adding this note after the reference § “Note: This peer-reviewed reference was used for the PRO position.” o Likewise, bold a peer-reviewed reference used for the “CON” position and add this text after it: § “Note: This peer-reviewed reference was used for CON position. o This notation allows the TA’s to verify that you have included a peer-reviewed article for both the Pro and Con positions. • In-Text Citation: o For citing your sources within the text of your paper, use in-text citations in APA format. See the “Citation Style Guides” above. For example: “Archaeological evidence suggests that the beginning of the human-dog mutualism began about 40,000 BP (Steklis & Steklis, 2018).” • Plagiarism & Direct Quotes – NOT ALLOWED o Plagiarism is a form of cheating. Plagiarism is taking another person’s words or ideas and using them as if they were your own words or ideas. Copying text from a website, a publication or another student is plagiarism. Plagiarism will not be tolerated—It can lead to failing the course or being expelled from the university! o You may not copy or use direct quotes from one of your sources or any another material for this paper. You must paraphrase or summarize the idea in your own words. (In general, using quoted text and providing the source of the quote is not plagiarism, since you are giving credit to the creator of the text. However, in this paper we want you to write the ideas in your own words, and provide the citation of where the idea came from.) o As part of preparing for your Outline, you must take 2 short tutorials on plagiarism and paraphrasing (each worth 9 pts). These are found in D2LàContentàTerm Paper: § T1. Plagiarism tutorial § T2. Paraphrasing tutorial o Beginning with the outline, paraphrase any ideas you might use later when writing the Term Paper o For the Outline, any evidence of plagiarism or direct quotes will result in -10 % deduction. o For the Term Paper, any plagiarism or direct quotes will result in a grade of 0 % • Assignment Delivery: Turn in the Outline to the “Term Paper Outline” Assignment folder in D2L. Turn in the first version of the Term Paper to the “Term Paper (version 1)” Assignment folder in D2L. If you write a second version (optional) turn it in to “Term Paper (version s)” Assignment folder. Due date/time are shown on these Assignment folders and can be seen on the course Schedule or course Calendar (late papers will be penalized). • Punctuality: If your Outline or term Paper is submitted late to the Assignment folder, points will be deducted: Lateness Deductions If the red text in the D2L submission folder says <1hr = no points deducted 1-3 hrs = 5p pts deducted 4-23 hrs = 10pts deducted 1-7 days = 15 pts deducted 8 days or more= Not accepted unless approved by the professors. • File Format: Submissions must be in MS Word or PDF file format. • Help: There are several sources of help for you— we encourage you to make use of these: o Your Teaching Assistant is there to help you (see “Who is my TA?” in D2L under Contents- >Term Paper section) o Think Tank Writing Center provides these helpful options for free: § In-Person 30 minute sessions § Online 45 minute sessions § Feedback Loop- upload your document for a tutor to review • Template: We have provided a template for your outline in D2L under Contents->Term Paper -> ‘Term Paper Outline Template’. If you use the template and address all points, your outline will be well organized and complete. Use the section headings as indicated in the Outline Template, but you can add additional subheading if you think it helps the reader. Continue working from your developed Outline to write your Term Paper. Grading Overview Below is an overview of how your grade for the Outline and the Paper is broken down. Graded Item For the Outline For the Paper T1. Plagiarism tutorial & T2. Paraphrasing tutorial Graded 9 pts each (18 pts total) Not Graded Punctuality Deductions if late Deductions if late File Type Verification Checked (.doc or .pdf) 5% deducted if wrong file type Checked (.doc or .pdf) 5% deducted if wrong file type Originality Report for detecting Plagiarism and Direct Quotes Checked, If plagiarism detected or direct quotes used then -10% deduction Graded, If plagiarism detected or direct quotes used then entire paper is given 0%. Topic Verification Checked Checked TA appointment Not Required Checked Required for students that earned a D or lower on Outline. Not meeting TA -5% deduction. Format: Organization Graded 8 pts Graded 4 pts 2 Refs bolded and noted Graded 8 pts Graded 4 pts Length Not Graded Graded 4 pts Specifics (e.g., font, margins, numbering) Not Graded Graded 4 pts APA Style for Reference list and In-Text Citations Not Graded Graded 8 pts Introduction Graded 10 pts Graded 10 pts Thesis Graded 5 pts Graded 5 pts Quality of Research Graded 25 pts Graded 25 pts Quality of References Graded 10 pts Graded 10 pts Conclusion Graded 15 pts Graded 15 pts Writing Mechanics Not Graded (1 pt free) Graded 11 pts TOTAL = 100 pts TOTAL = 100 pts x 2 A DETAILED GRADING RUBRIC is provided in D2L, when you click on the Assignment folder. You can use the rubric to grade your own assignment and see where you may need to im

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