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Should Virginia keep or repeal on its practice

Instructionswrite a persuasive essay that satisfies the prompt.

It is not uncommon for an individual to be fired if he or she posts offensive content on social media publicly, or if screenshots of private posts are shared with an employer. In certain states, employers can require job applicants to provide the passwords to their profiles on social networks – or log on to their personal account in the presence of a hiring officer – as part of the employment screening process. Defenders of the practice have argued it is an important measure for monitoring employees’ behavior and vetting job candidates. Privacy advocates have argued that the requirement is unjust. In 2015, Virginia took legislative action to restrict the practice, joining a growing list of states to rein in the practice.
Using at least three of the provided sourcesr, write an essay that defends or opposes an employer requirement of applicants to provide access to private social media accounts, whether Virginia should keep or repeal its ban on the practice, and why. The essay should observe MLA style in the text and in the works cited 

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