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Sign Language and Speech Assignment at an affordable cost


Using at least 200 words, answer at least two of the following questions in your response. Use a brief quotation from the textbook to support your response, and remember to use a citation/reference. (Note: This does not apply to word count.)

  • Applying what you have learned in this course, describe in what ways language acquisition is similar for hearing and non-hearing children.
  • Discuss the concept of universal grammar. How is it possible to have universal grammar when each language has different grammatical rules?
  • What are the two main ways speech is represented visually? What does it mean that all modern writing systems mix the two ways of representing speech? How are these two writing systems used in English?
  • Watch this week’s video about twins with Cochlear implants. Describe how learning language is different for twins with Cochlear implants. How does one react compared to the other? Why does this difference take place?

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