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Social Determinants Of health Assignment at an affordable cost

The American College Health Association (ACHA) is an organization that partners with several colleges and universities to measure habits, trends, and average health of college students in American society. In 2018, they discovered that around 45% of college students had experienced more than average levels of stress while 13% said they had experienced tremendous stress. Women, relative to men, were more likely to experience high levels of stress. This type of research is important, as it guides how universities should allocate resources on preventative physical and mental health resources on campus.
For this assignment, I want you to put on your “social epidemiologist” cap. Note: it might be helpful to refer to some of your text on research methods in chapter 2 and the first module to help with this assignment. Given what you have learned in this module and given that you are currently living a college student life, propose four survey questions you would ask in a study like the one above to measure health of college students and then explain why you chose those questions.
Your questions should focus on social factors and not physical factors like family histories or pre-existing conditions. Those certainly matter. However, social epidemiologists want to know more about how social factors interact with the physical to produce health-related outcomes.
Keep in mind that survey questions should be simple, not double-barreled, and not leading 

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