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Social inequality essay Assignment at an Affordable Cost


Essay 2


In 2 pages (four-paragraph structure), answer and defend the following question:

The fundamental root to conflict and chaos in American society is: 

  1. Social inequality (race, immigration, social interaction; think: crime, racial tensions, etc.)
  2. Economic inequality  (class, poverty, social status; think: capitalism) 
  3. Cultural clash (conflicting views on social values and meaning/purpose of life)
  4. Moral disconnect (conflicting views on what is right or wrong at a societal level)

Evaluation: This assignment will be evaluated based on three criteria: 

  1. Quality of claim framing, analysis, and strength of your evidence; you may choose 2-3 texts to incorporate into your analysis, but at least two must be from different weeks/topics
  2. Effectively using class texts to support your ideas (for example, when incorporating a quote from the text, you should use the following in-text citation format: (author’s last name, page number)
    1. Ex: “My neighbor, Barbara, is a sociologist” (Johnson, 20). 
    1. If there are multiple authors, simply add “et al. after the first author
      1. Ex. “My neighbor, Barbara, is a complete disaster” (Johnson et al., 20)
    2. When you’re incorporating a quote into your essay, the meaning/context it has in the text should be consistent with that in your paper;  for example, if the author uses “culture of poverty” to describe why people are in a constant cycle of poverty, you cannot change the meaning of “culture” here and say it has to do with race. 
  3. Clarity and mechanics of your writing (punctuation, spelling, general structure, etc.)
SectionQuestions to address 
Introduction1 paragraphPurpose: Attract the reader’s attention with a compelling purpose to writing
-What is my claim/argument?-Do I start broad and then gradually focus on my topic?-Which texts you’re using 
Body2 paragraphs Purpose: Support your argument logically using class texts 
Did I use class texts to support my ideas and avoided simply summarizing them?You’re not expected to dedicate each paragraph for a specific text; remember NOT to summarize the texts. 
Conclusion 1 paragraphPurpose: Wrap up your ideas, hinting to the reader that you’re concluding soon
-Did I reinforce my argument? -Did I provide some direction for next steps regarding the topic of discussion?

Note: You may write in first person: “In this essay, I will discuss”; avoid floating/incomplete sentences.

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