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Social Issue: Healthcare system Due to Covid

InstructionsAssignment: Final Broader Community Study Research Report in the form of a research paper. The Broader Community Study (BCS) final product will take the genre of a research paper. Think of this as an opportunity to be able to publish your issue/topic to an academic audience. You are to make connections to all the research, both primary and secondary, that you have collected up to now. Make sure that you include the societal impact of their chosen issue/topic.
>The format is APA, and it will include a reference page, appendixes, and a glossary of your selected terms. (refer to the CAB for this information). In addition, you will include the four research questions and the thesis statement (Main Claim) you are making. Review the Additional Reading Material for what to include in a research paper and how to set up a paper in APA style. >Word count: Final research paper should be about 10-12 pages, double-spaced, one-inch margins. Include a cover letter, abstract, research paper (body) with the conclusion, reference page placed in arc order in APA style, Appendixes of all previous work>Introduction includes a brief historical or background information for your readers on your topic, your hypothesis, and the numbered research questions. (The introduction should be about one-to-one and half pages long. 
>The body of the paper should include a division of Guidelines and Information on Module 4 Assignment 5 each research question, labeled for easy identification and the evidence that attempts to answer The question. This information should be for each question (try to provide equal discussion for your research questions). The body section should be about 7-8 to 8-10 pages long. >The conclusion should discuss the highlights of the findings and include any recommendations and the need for further research.>The reference page is in ABC order. All Your references on the reference page must be reflected in the body of the work and vice-versa.

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