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Social Media and Black Lives Matter Assignmen


Please read the associated article “The social media response to Black Lives Matter: how

Twitter users interact with Black Lives Matter through hashtag use,” and answer the following questions in 3 pages (double-spaced, APA or ASA citation style):

  1. Briefly discuss how social media has changed social movements and how sociologists study movements (mostly on page 1816 in the article).
  2. What is “distributed framing” and how is it used in terms of the BLM movement? Are there good and bad parts to this? (see pages 1817-1818 for discussion).
  3. What is your take on the hashtags that appeared next to #blacklivesmatter? There are five important categories that the authors divide them into (Ferguson, Police Violence, Tactics, Solidarity, Counter-Protest). Please look at Figure 2 on page 1824. What shifted to explain some of the trends that you see at different time points during 2014? How might this relate to other material from the course? This is a social movement class which focuses on major social movements in history 

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