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Communication Skills Assignment – Social Security


Purpose: the purpose of this assignment includes the following:
• To describe how the Social Security retirement fund system works and
craft a reform to ensure its ongoing fiscal soundness.
• To demonstrate the ability to assemble a well-organized paper that is clear
and mechanically sound.
• To develop communication skills that will help you write persuasively in
the future.
Your Social Security/Communication Skills portion of the Final Exam will require you to submit
a typed essay describing your proposal to improve an existing public policy.
Below is the public policy:
Old-Age Survivor and Disability Insurance (OASDI) or as it is more commonly called, Social
Security, faces an uncertain economic future given its trends in revenue and spending. Your task
is to describe the reason why this concern is very prevalent and offer a solution. Your goal is to
propose changes to the Old-Age and Survivors Insurance (OASI) component of Social Security
where your proposal:
• maintains Social Security’s status as a social insurance (contributory) program
• would be popular enough politically to be accepted
• is fiscally (mathematically) sound
Fortunately, researchers have offered many changes to Social Security to meet elements of the
above criteria, so you do not need to create one of your own. Your task (see Step Three:
Supporting material below) is to choose among existing alternatives or combinations thereof and
argue in favor of adoption.
There is outside help available for this assignment. Library staff have created a guide to assist
you in this process. You can access the guide specific to this common assignment here: GOVT
2305: Common Assignment LibGuide
Overall question to consider: Besides raising the retirement age as scheduled by current law,
what would you recommend be done to Social Security to ensure that the program is able to pay
recipients the full scheduled benefits the program has promised while remaining a social
insurance (contributory) program?
Scoring elements of Northeast Lakeview’s Communication Skills Rubric are listed in italics
before the elements that comprise them below. Your score will be determined by how well you
satisfy these elements. The Communication Skills Rubric is attached to give you clear
descriptions of what quality of submission will earn ratings of poor, fair, good and excellent.Step One: Organization and Delivery: Structure your organization and delivery: Write in a
manner that is appropriate for an academic paper in the subject of political science and follow a
widely-accepted format for citing sources properly. Below are two helpful guides:
APA Formatting and Style Guide
MLA Formatting and Style Guide
A well-organized persuasive essay must include each of the following elements:
1. A description of the issue to be discussed and its importance
2. Your position/solution on the issue, clearly stated
3. Evidence supporting your position
4. Responses to criticism of your position
5. A conclusion
Step Two: Mechanics: Be mindful of your mechanics: Ensure that your essay is free of
spelling, capitalization, punctuation, grammar and syntax errors. Do not let inelegance cloud
your message. Use this guide to inform you on common style issues; it is crowded but
searchable. The usage guide and the writing guides linked above have many examples on
commonly used terms and proper citation methods.
Step Three: Supporting material: Gather and attribute your supporting material: Although
you are expressing your opinion, to be taken seriously you must support your proposal with no
fewer than three (3) relevant expert sources that are of the highest quality and credibility. You
must cite each source both in the body of the essay and on a Works Cited page. Use sources
with perspectives that are consistent with one another; your points must be clear and without
contradiction. The table below will help explain evidence quality:
Strong evidence Sources that are consistent with your argument and thus
support your conclusion
Fair evidence
Information that merely describes your subject matter (in
Step One) rather than supports your assertion (in Step Two);
your course textbook is most likely in this category
Weak evidence
Work that is inconsistent with your argument or
contradictory to it; superficial material such as dictionary
definitions or encyclopedia descriptions
Step Four: Central message: Ensure the strength and consistency of your central message:
Analyze the nature of the Social Security solvency issue correctly and specifically. Describe
your proposal clearly and explain how it is an appropriate solution to the problem you have
described. Be sure to address any criticisms of your proposal that the reader may have and wrap
up your essay with a conclusion. Regarding format, your work is to be typed, double-spaced in 12-point font with 1” margins, left
aligned and indent the first line of each paragraph one-half inch. Indicate the degree (not your
major) you are seeking in the upper-right (this will be AA, AAS, AS, or AAT). If you do not
know what degree you are pursuing, I can look that up in ACES for you.

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