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Socio-demographic research paper Assignment at an Affordable Cost

SOC 2107A – Research Assignment
25% of Final Grade
Due date: December 4, 2020
Many societies are experiencing a number of significant demographic events, such as the ageing of the
population, changing cultural and ethnic composition and urbanization. You are asked to prepare a
socio-demographic profile of a given geographic area (country, province, region, metropolitan area or
large municipality) that describes the population using the following characteristics:
• The age and sex distribution;
• The ethnic/cultural composition;
• The composition with respect to immigrants, including overall period of immigration (current
and long-standing);
• The language profile of the population (with respect to official languages and heritage
• The structures of families and households;
• The Indigenous component of the population; and
• The economic activity in the area (employment rate, major industries, etc.).
Although the profile constitutes a description of the population, it needs to be accompanied by an
analysis of the three primary demographic events described above in order to present a meaningful
demographic report that may serve for planning and policy purposes. It is important that the analysis
includes a contemporary view of the population in addition to a perspective on the future in order to
assess the needs with respect to the social infrastructure (housing, transportation, health care,
education, …) now and in the future. Please add a brief discussion on the gaps and opportunities that
you foresee for this population. Support your arguments by references to a minimum of four published
peer-reviewed articles/books/web sites. Please note that sites such as Wikipedia are NOT peerreviewed.
The statistics must come from peer-reviewed articles and/or from official sources such as national
statistical offices, the United Nations Statistics Division or the CIA World Factbook. Please ensure that
you provide the bibliographic references for the statistics that you use. (They count in the 4 references
mentioned earlier.) Also ensure that you describe the measures that are used and any theoretical
framework that you use in your analysis in the “methods and data” section of the paper.
The analytical portion of your paper must describe and discuss the consequences of the selected event
(with references to the peer-reviewed literature). The discussion must include your views on the
implications of the events. Also, discuss what can, or should, be done to mitigate the consequences, if
any, of the events on the selected society. Please include any policy recommendations that you feel are
pg. 2
Your paper must be between 7 and 10 pages in length (between 2500 and 3000 words), double spaced
using a 12-point font and 1- or 1.5-inch margins. The title page, reference page, and table of contents do
not count in the total page length of your paper. The marks will be allocated as follows:
• Descriptive profile (10 marks). You must use tables and charts, accompanied by descriptive text that
highlights the points you want to emphasise.
• Demographic analysis (10 marks). You may use tables and charts to illustrate the points you are trying
to make in your analysis.
• Format and presentation (5 marks). The paper must include a bibliography, a conclusion and a title
page. The table of contents is optional. It must be well-written. This means full sentences and
paragraphs. It also means proper grammar and spelling.
Please submit your assignments through the Brightspace site for our course. Ensure that you keep a
copy of the paper in the unlikely event that technology fails us. Also, please note the policy for late
submissions (see the course syllabus) and plagiarism.
The Academic Writing Help Centre has a number of online documents that are helpful in writing a
research paper at the following URL: They also provide personal
guidance for students who require additional help.

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