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Sociological Museum Analysis Assignment at an affordable cost


Description of Sociological Museum Analysis- 

One major objective of this course is to introduce ways to critically analyze different types of societies and to show how a society can develop. One of the best tools at a sociologists’ disposal for this task is artifacts from the past, which are conveniently stored at museums. With this focus toward a comparative view of societies, you are tasked with selecting a museum of your choice, analyzing the artifacts of the display and submitting a written critical analysis. The museum you select must be applicable to the course discussion. For example, the World War II museum, could be used because it does show technological advancement and how societies evolve. However, the Roswell UFO museum would not be an appropriate choice for this class and can’t be selected because it does not have a description of technologies used to advance societies. Depending on the location of the museum you select, you may not be able to physically visit it.  

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