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Sociology Child Abuse in America Discussion


1. Search for a research journal about Child Abuse in America

2. List the reference including the author’s last name, his initials, the title of the article, the name of the journal, the year of publication, the journal volume and page numbers (use ASA style).

3. Write a summary including the following:

A. Purpose: The purpose may be stated as an aim, objective, goal, or inferred from a statement of the problem. What research question or hypothesis was derived from the purpose of the study?

B. Subjects: The term “subjects” refers to the sample under study. A description of age, sex, race or any other demographic should be included. If the research study did not include human subjects, indicate what existing sources or archival data was used (e.g., census data, national data sets, official reports, government documents).

C. Methods/Procedure: This includes the research methods employed, a description of the instruments or measuring devices, the variables that were measured, the materials that were used, or the way in which the study attempted to reach its purpose.

D. Results: What actual data or findings did the author


E. Conclusions: What were the implications of the study in regard to the social problem? Did the author make any recommendations concerning the social problem?

F. Evaluation: What is your critical appraisal of the article?

Was the article useful? Specifically discuss how well the study addressed or explained the research question or hypothesis.