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Sociology Discussion Assignment at an affordable cost


For this Discussion Forum, I want us to begin considering family structures, formal & informal education, and citizenship & politics. The questions for this forum are based on the following chapter sections, also available on the Module Content:

Your original post should answer each of the following questions, with at least 5 sentences per answer.


  1. Based on Chapter 14.1: According to the textbook and research quoted by the editors, what are people’s general thoughts about family in the United States? next, consider your own opinions. How you view non-traditional family structures? How do you think family structures will change in the next 20 years? Please use and cite the textbook, as well as personal argumentation, to support your points.
  2. Based on Chapter 16.1: Compare and contrast formal and informal education, using and citing information from the textbook. Next, outline how your formal and information education can be at odds in the same setting, and how one might overcome this disconnect.
  3. Based on Chapter 17.3: Besides voting, list 3 ways citizens both domestic and abroad can influence political processes and outcomes. Which of these strategies have you personally used and why? If you have never used any of the listed strategies, then hypothesize which of these strategies might the most effective and why.

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