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Sociology Discussion Assignment at an affordable cost


Assignment #1 (worth 5 points | 5% of your course grade)

Visit the American Sociological Association’s (ASA) page titled “What is Sociology?” (Available at: https://www.asanet.org/about/what-sociology (Links to an external site.)). Watch the short 4-5 minute video. In this video, approximately two dozen sociologists describe how they view the discipline of sociology, and how sociology can help us make sense of the world. Pick two people in the video whose comments resonated with you, and which you found to be useful. Tell me who it was (name of the person speaking), briefly summarize what they said, and tell me why you found it truthful/useful.

Since you are all Sociology majors, perhaps this question will best be answered by thinking about how the comments you hear in the video relate to the lived experience you’ve had at UCI, as a Sociology Major. Perhaps it reminded you of some examples of specific courses you took, or specific readings you had.

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