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Sociology Variables Culture and Human Behavior Questions


refer to the chapters shown and use the book to find what is needed

1. (ch-2) Go into how variables play a role in sociological research. Give one or two examples.

2. (ch-3) What type of person might be ethnocentric? Why? Why are there so many subcultures in such a society so connected in some ways? Give two or three brief examples of subcultures and why?

3. (ch-4) In what one or two ways might adult socialization be similar to peer groups( youth/teens) and also different from peer groups? What do we mean by the concept of self? Does it really make a major difference in the presentations of ourselves? Explain.

4. (ch-5) Why might many groups have both cooperation and conflict mixed into them? Give one example of how competition in a group can be positive.

5. (ch-6) In what ways can decision-making and goal-setting within groups work out in a positive way? Be har

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