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Project Requirements
General information

  • You are required to work in groups on a Review Paper( literature review).
  • The project worth:
    ü 15 points for the paper
    Specific Requirements
  • Your review paper must include the elements indicated in the following section.
  • Your paper should be 6-10 pages (without counting the Title, table of content and
    references pages)
  • Format: Font size: 12 , Font type: Times New Roman
  • Your primary resources should be journal articles and books ( not websites)
  • You should use at least three journal articles
    What is a Review Paper?
    • A critical, constructive analysis of the literature in a specific field through summary,
    classification, analysis, comparison.
    • A scientific text relying on previously published literature or data. New data from the
    author’s experiments are not presented (with exceptions: some reviews contain new
    What is the purpose of Review Papers?
    • To organize literature
    • To evaluate literature
    • To identify patterns and trends in the literature
    • To synthesize literature
    • To identify research gaps and recommend new research areas
    Elements of a Review Paper:
  1. Title page:
  • It should include the following:
    ü KFU logo
    ü General information about the university and the college
    ü Your title
    ü Course title ( MIS ethics)
    ü The date
    ü Your names
    ü Instructor name
  1. Table of content
  2. Abstract
  • Is a brief summary of your review paper.
  • Should include only the main points of your review.
  • Should be short
  • The structure of an abstract includes: background, objectives, material and
    methods, results and conclusions
  1. Introduction
  • It is not a repetition of the abstract.
  • It does not provide data about methods, results, or conclusions.
  • It provides more in-depth information on the background of the subject matter.
  • The introduction will also explain if and why your study is new in the subject field
    and why it is important.
  1. Body
  • In the body, you should focus on the topic you have chosen
  • You should have at least three sub-topics
  • Your body should include citations of any information you provide
  • Avoid Direct Quoting, try to rephrase instead
  • Try to find relationships between the different studies you are reviewing
  1. Conclusions
  • Be careful not to present any new information in the conclusion section, it should
    summarize the key points of the paper.
  • Make sure your conclusions are not simply a repeat of the abstract!
  • Should include implications of the findings
  • Should include interpretations, analyzing or synthesizing by the authors
  1. References
  • Should be in a separate page
  • List all your references
  • Write your references in APA style

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