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Soicology PowerPoint Presentation assignment at an affordable cost


Due October 24 by 11:00pm!

Presentations will meet the following requirements:

 (1) You will need at least 13-15 informative slides

(2) Your topic must address and cover one of the issues provided below (Any unapproved topic will not be graded)

(3) Your presentation must contain at least 2 informational chart, graph, or table


(5) At least 2 scholarly sources are required (Wikipedia, Google, & Yahoo are not scholarly) – a Bibliography is required

(6) If you decide to embed a media source into your presentation – make sure it is done right so that it is viewable. Media that does not play correctly will be counted off.

(7) You will submit your assignment to the assignment manager for grading, but you also will post it in a discussion forum for your classmates to view. I will not grade presentations not submitted to the assignment manager.

(8) You may work in groups of 2 or you may choose to work alone.

Acceptable Topics: Poverty and its effects on the Family, Race, Entertainment & Media’s portrayal of the Family, Gender, Discrimination, Religion, Age, Politics, Sex & Society (keep this clean), Cohabitation, Divorce.

Topics that may not be used: Abortion, Gay Marriage & Adoption, domestic violence & child abuse.

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