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Spain Milestone Project Presentation assignment at an affordable cost


Your Final Project is a synthesis of all the work we’ve done throughout the term. You will create a timeline and presentation that makes connections between a country’s history and the major topics and themes we have covered during weeks 1-5. Please be detail-oriented and follow each step and direction carefully, and reach out to your instructor with questions!

Delivery: You can login to NLU D2L user:fkhan17 and the PW: Faizan1979! You can find the course information there as well as the work for Milestone #4 as you’ll need it for background information and instructions. I have also attached the milestone work sheet.

  • Create a timeline using whatever tool or technology you choose (Word, PowerPoint, Prezi, Google Docs/Slides, or
    • If you choose to use, please plan some extra time to get familiar with this complex digital tool.
  • Create a narrated presentation.
  • Type your Final Project Reflection.
  • Submit all files and presentation links to this Assignment by the date indicated on the course syllabus.

Detailed Instructions:

  1. Timeline
    • Recall your work on Milestone 4. Create a timeline to show each of the events you researched in chronological order. Your timeline should present detailed evidence showing how each key theme you chose is relevant to your country’s history. Each entry on your timeline should:
      • Clearly identify which topic/theme is covered in the entry, and what historical event or era you are connecting that theme too.
      • Show an understanding of the topic/theme selected.
      • Show knowledge of basic facts (who-what-when-where) about the event selected.
      • Give an evidence-based argument that justifies your claim that the historical event and the broader topic/theme are connected.
      • Include at least one image (multiple images, video links, other creative visuals are welcome).
    • Tip: The more effort you put into using tools and technology to create a dynamic, detailed, visually stimulating timeline, the better
    • Narrated Presentation
      1. Create a five-minute presentation of your timeline. Your instructor will assess the appearance and accuracy of your timeline, as well as your oral communication (language, posture, gesture, eye contact, and tone).
  • In a 2-3 paragraph essay, answer the following reflection questions:
    • Describe your strategy to find solutions to the big problems this assignment presented you with. How did you go about choosing which topics/themes were evident in your country’s history? What was your strategy for deciding which events best demonstrated which big themes?
    • Talk about which sources you used, and how you decided which evidence most strongly supported the points you wanted to make.
    • Of the four topics/themes you selected, which do you believe is the most historically significant and why? (You might consider which theme is still impacting our world today, or which theme brought about the biggest changes.

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