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Specific Discipline Essay assignment at an affordable cost


Specific Discipline Assignment

This assignment asks you to examine one of your areas of concentration (or another discipline that you will use in your final assignment) and discuss its defining elements.

  • the phenomena it studies
  • its epistemology
  • the assumptions it makes about the natural and human world
  • its basic concepts
  • its theories about the causes and behaviors of certain phenomena
  • its methods
  • the kind of data it collect

should be 5 substantive paragraphs of 6 sentences.

Your introductory paragraph should introduce your discipline and discuss the phenomena its academics study.

Three paragraphs should focus on 3 of the above defining elements. Please include a definition of the elements you choose.

Your final paragraph should share why you are attracted to the specific discipline, and the most significant thing you have learned through your study.

Much of the information for this assignment is contained in Chapter 5 of the text( the book will be attached below(

NOTE: a substantive paragraph should contain at least 6 sentences.

You should format your response in MLA format and cite any sources you use.

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