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State measures you recommend as an interior architect

state measures you recommend as an interior architect for the sustainable improvement of your residence


I attached the reading materials & the lecture notes for writing

Using the reading materials and lecture notes provided, state measures you recommend as an interior architect for the sustainable improvement of your residence. You can include photographs, diagrams, sketches, etc., to support your recommendations. Remember your specialty is interior architecture. The essays will be graded on the clarity and the rigour of the content.

Follow these guidelines in preparing your short essays

Papers should be prepared as word documents and submitted in the .DOC OR .DOCX format.
Short papers should be no more than 1000 words, 2 pages single spaced, not including footnotes, references, and images. Although papers are evaluated chiefly on their content and argumentative merits, grammar, spelling, and diction will also be evaluated. You are expected to express your thoughts in clear, grammatical, English sentences.
A common mistake is sentences and paragraphs that run on too long. Paragraphs should not be longer than 4-5 sentences. Two or more grammatically complete sentences should be separated by a period, not a comma. If you want to link them more closely, you can use a semi-colon, or a comma and a conjunction (e.g., and/but). Other things being equal, two short sentences are better than one longer sentence.
Check the meanings and spellings of all words that you use. The simpler and clear, the better.
Your paper should begin with an introduction to the issue that you will discuss, followed by a concise overview of the content of the reading material.
Next, you will be asked to carefully explain their positions before you move on to yours. Therefore, it should provide your understandings and criticisms of the readings.
Show that you understand the content of what is shared with you in our class.
USE EXAMPLES. It is easy to get lost in a discussion of abstract ideas. You should not feel that you understand a reading unless you can explain how it applies to relevant examples. In your paper, you should not deal entirely in abstractions. You should try to develop one or more examples which can be used to illustrate the main issues in the paper.
CITE FULLY AND ACCURATELY. Make sure you accurately state the position of any author/work you discuss. Any time you quote an author/work, they must be supported by a citation to the text, with page numbers. This applies to images as well. Referencing is important and you will be graded for your use of citations, footnotes, etc. You are required to use the Modern Language Association (MLA) style.
AVOID PLAGIARISM. Whenever you turn in any assignment in this course, the understanding is that what you are turning in is your own original work, except to the extent that you explicitly credit others for their contributions. You have an obligation to always attribute any argument or idea that you have borrowed, even if you have modified it, to its source. The source may be written or oral. For example, if an argument was suggested by a fellow student, include that information in a footnote. Heads up, the submitted works will be checked for plagiarism using an application.

its 2 pages less than 1000 word single space

these are the readings (see attached):
OneDrive_3_12-15-2021.zipOneDrive_4_12-15-2021.zipOneDrive_5_12-15-2021.zipSI_F2021_Week04.zipSustainableConstruction_Kibert_Preface.pdfRIBA_Built for the Environment reportpdf.pdfAN_ARCHITECTURE_GUIDE_Vol1.pdfAN_ARCHITECTURE_GUIDE_Vol2.pdf

The other attached files are lecture notes

from the reading and the lecture notes you can write then do citation

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