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State Representative Policy Letter Assignment at an affordable cost


This is the writing component of the class and is worth 10% of the final grade.

  1. Each student must pick a topic relating to physical geography (water, disasters, the environment, global warming, etc…) and write a one-page letter to a specific policy makerat any level of government addressing your topic and your suggestions for action.
  2. Recall that this letter should be no more thanone-page in length (12 size, normal font), single-spaced and be addressed to an actual person/entity with their address (you do not need to use your personal address and can instead use the University address)
  3. Grading will be based on the presentation of your topic and the information used to back up your position (60 pts) as well as the writing capability displayed (40 pts).
  4. Use a friend proofread your essay. Once you have completed your essay and had it proofread, please be sure to save your file as either as Word (.doc) or Adobe (.pdf) file, naming it with your last name, first initial, and the title “policy letter” as demonstrated by the following example: JudkinsG_policyletter.
  5. You will then click on the “Browse My Computer” button at the bottom of the Webcampus page describing the assignment to attach your completed essay from wherever you saved it locally.
  6. Please also monitor any feedback we give in the event that we are unable to open your attachment due to a corruption of the file. We will then ask you to email it directly to us.