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Stating of The Relevant Facts in Contemporary Society


In this assignment, you will flesh out the outline you created in the previous assignment. Develop a 750-word essay in response to one of the questions posed at the end of your chosen case.

  • Summarize the case and the values at stake in it.
  • Summarize relevant facts of the case.
  • Clarify concepts used to analyze the case.
  • Justify the ethical standard applied to the case.
  • State a clear position on the moral question presented.
  • Include at least four references to support your position.

Structure your essay as follows:

  • An introduction that briefly describes the moral question under consideration.
  • A thesis statement that is the moral question itself.
  • A second well-crafted paragraph stating the facts relevant to the question.
  • A third well-crafted paragraph that clarifies all concepts where mutual understanding is required to avoid equivocation on terms.
    • For example, in the abortion debate, the word fetus would need to be clarified in a manner that gives the status with regard to personhood.
  • A fourth paragraph that explicitly states the standard from the moral theory you are appealing to.
    • You should explain the standard using moral theory.
  • A conclusion that states in the prescriptive terms what you think people should do in this case.