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Strategic analysis of google Assignment at an Affordable Cost


  1. What type of industry/Industries is Google in?
  2. Company profile
  3. Who’s the CEO
  4. Who’s the CFO
  5. Google’s Mission Statement
  6. What products do they offer?
  7. How many people do they employ?
  8. Porters 5 Forces
  9. Threat of New Entrants
  10. Bargaining Power of Suppliers
  11. Bargaining Power of Buyers
  12. Rivalry amongst competing firms
  13. Threat of substitute products
  14. Competitor Analysis
  15. How is google currently competing?
  16. How does googles goals compare to its competitors?
  17. What is the attitude towards risk?
  18. Will the future for google be volatile?
  19. Is google operating under a status quo?
  20. What is googles strengths and weaknesses?
  21. How does google rate compared to its competitors?
  22. Where does google hold advantages over its competitors?
  23. SWOT Analysis
  24. What are googles strengths?
  25. What are googles weaknesses?
  26. What are opportunities for google?
  27. Who are the threats for google?
  28. Pestle Analysis
  29. Political factors effecting google
  30. Economic factors effecting google
  31. Sociological factors effecting google
  32. Technological factors effecting google
  33. Legal factors effecting google
  34. Environmental factors effecting google

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