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Supply Chain Risk Management Innovation Performance

 Supply Chain Risk Management Innovation Performance Journal Article Review


BUSI 613 Journal Article Review Instructions


MBA programs around the country are starting to require their students to become more effective writers. This is in response to industry’s urging for grad schools to improve the writing skills of graduate students. Writing at the MBA level should be informative, colorful, and nuanced, and the writing should include simple words vs. complicated (especially if used out of context). The first sentence in these assignments, and for any presentation in a business setting, should begin with; “the single most important issue here is…”

As you read the journal articles for this course, remember the context of the MBA degree. The MBA is a practitioner’s degree. The degree signifies that you can think, analyze, solve problems; and then communicate solutions to business executives effectively and efficiently. Your analysis of the discussion in the articles, their relationship to this course, and implications related to the each reading assignment will prepare you to communicate in this manner.