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Sustainable design and construction Assignment at an Affordable Cost


(This coursework will focus on United Arab Emirates UAE and its sustainability initiatives design and construction)

Part 1(30%):

***In each of the following category a to c, explain one sustainability initiative that has either failed or that has had relative success:

A. one policy of Government or other respected authority or organisation, concerning sustainability in the built environment; the policy chosen could include a rating scheme, or fiscal or economic instrument; (like Abu Dhabi Pearl Rating System (PRS) which is the focus of this analysis)

B. one regulation, or law, or formal standard concerning sustainability. (look for one)

C. one example of a large project in sustainable design and construction.(like The Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Centre)

-Research and collate evidence from historic and contemporary sources. (research and paper reviewed only)

-Clearly explain the evidence together with your primary sources, in each of three categories, a to c. 

Part 2 (70%):

In each of the three categories above (a. to c.); evaluate, contrast and discuss, the successes, aspirations and failures of the responsible bodies in developing sustainability in the built environment.

Ensure that your evidence is clearly signposted in substantiating and defending your arguments.

Please read the brief for more information.

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