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Sustainable enterprise Assignment at an Affordable Cost

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This is the main idea I want to build on

This enterprise will provide auditors to companies who are in the leather industry. They will focus on the most important markers for sustainability within leather production. With this input the company will develop and provide companies with a strategy to help them become more sustainable. With the provided services, the aim is to make companies future proof. The companies will keep on doing whatever they do. Producing quality products while being mindful of the pollution to the environment. We look at the production phase from cow to customer. How is the land being managed, how are the cows taken care of, what transportation is being used for the material, what kind of tanning products are used. So basically a step-by-step strategy to become more sustainable. Leather is a waste product from the meat industry so there is no extra land or resources needed. Critics say that the tanning phase of leather has a very negative impact on our environment. Luckily there are eco-friendly options that businesses can incorporate. But we do not stop there. Every step in the process is being looked at. For some this change can be difficult in the beginning. But our goal is to help them become better companies. That is why within our framework there is space for personalisation.

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