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Swot project part 2 Assignment at an Affordable Cost

 See “Overview of SWOT Project Part 2 – Final” under FILES\SWOT PROJECT for Requirements of the project. Also, as per prior Announcements, refer to the Discussions that begin with “SWOT Part 2” at the beginning of the name. These include demonstrations of how I met those requirements. The file that I used for much of those demonstrations is called “breach_report Fall 2021 Workshops 2-3” and is in FILES\SWOT PROJECT\DEMO FILES\ If you don’t have your own CSV file you can use one of the files I have placed in FILES\SWOT PROJECT\CSV\Files you can use for your project. If you use one of these I want a couple of paragraphs in a separate tab that explain what the data is in terms of the rows and columns and how you think it can be used for data analytics.

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