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Teams Assignment at an Affordable Cost

Read the article by the Univ of Kent on “Teamwork Roles” (also found in content article folder CH 12): Team work roles univ Kent pdf attachment 

Read The article on “Making it work, managing in the covid era” (also found in content article folder CH 12) managing in the covid era pdf 

Review the outline on “Tuckman’s five Stages of Group Development” (also found in content article folder CH 12) Tuckman Team Working model pdf

Review “the steps to effective group decision making”.

TAKE THE TEAMWORKING SKILLS TEST AT:  This test is not the Univ Of Kent test (which no longer appears available) but, it will give you roles that are similar to the ones they highlight (different descriptors). To answer the two questions below you can use either the roles from the “123 test” or what fits in the descriptions from the article or both.

Respond to these questions:

1. Based on the Role description in the “Kent” article what kind of role do you think you would fill in a group and why? (take the team role test if you want to see what role fits you best!).

2. After reading the article on “managing in covid era” and looking through Tuckmans stages of group development how do you think the impact of “virtual” conferencing might impact the group to move through the stages (positive/negative thoughts)? Think about these things: The ability to block your face display, the mute button, the “chat” box tool, session time limits, screen sharing…etc.(screen blocking  could impact the forming stage because…..).  In your response make sure you give examples that impact EACH of the five tuckmanstages and name the stage you are referring to. Make sure you explain why the example is relevant to that stage. Your example can be a positive or negative impact.

3. Look at the “steps to effective group decision making” and identify what could be used in the storming stage and performing stage to keep the group on track when the virtual environment escalates the issues.

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