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The Black Legend Report Assignment at an affordable cost


Topic Summary: Mainly, the Black Legend refers to a historiographical tendency that involved anti-catholic and anti-Spanish propaganda. In the 16th century, the Black Legend involved exaggerated facts and fabrication of facts on people, nations, and institutions, thereby resulting in uniquely inhuman impacts. During this period, the women contributed actively in the reconstruction of the Black Legend in British Literature. The role of women involved the elimination of the propaganda using their art, thereby resulting in white supremacy. Besides, women used their art to bring intellectual contribution in the British literature by erasing ethical differences.

Level Three question: What role do the portrayal of women play in the reconstruction of the Black Legend in the 16th century British Literature?

1. please come up with thesis in response to question in this formula: 

Thesis: The thesis answers the level 3 question you ask in your introduction and the structure of your argument, creating the reader’s expectations for what is to come in the essay by doing the following:1.Acknowledges an alternative view of the subject—the opposition (an “although”point)2.Refers to the subject of the question3.Makes an assertion about the subject (your position on the issue)4.Provides at least 3 reasons (sometimes fewer, sometimes more) to supportthe assertion, listed in the most logical and persuasive order for your argument.Stated as a formula: Thesis Sentence = Opposition + Subject + Assertion + Reasons(3+)Or TS = O + S + A + R (3+)

2. find 3-4 sources you can use to back thesis (argument) up using: https://www.jstor.org

– Include enough sources to show that you have found a counterargument, alternative approaches to your topic,or alternative evidence.

– Write a sentence annotating each source: summarize why you selected thesource and the key observations, evidence, claims, and findings that relate to yourproject.