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The Conceptualizing of Multicultural Education Analysis


Good note taking must address, but not be limited to the following categories:

1. Key ideas (theories, concepts, jargon, issues etc.)
? Describe/define the key ideas
? Describe their significance
2. An outline of the information
3. Important quotes of your choice
? Write down the quotes
? Describe why you found these quotes to be significant
4. Your reactions to the key ideas and important quotes
? Present your views and questions related to the key ideas (or broader article
contents) among others.
5. How does the information in this reading “fit” with what you already know or
understand? Is it completely new, vaguely familiar, or something you have been
exposed to in another context or class?
6. Discussion Questions:
What would you like to know/discuss about the materials with peers or as a whole

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