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The death penalty Assignment at an Affordable Cost

The focus of today’s discussion is one aspect of the federal court system: capital punishment or the death penalty. Watch the documentary here

In your opinion, should we have the death penalty? for what kinds of cases? Currently, child rape is not punishable by the death penalty. Should it?

Does the death penalty deter crime? Find evidence online.

Is it worth the cost? Research the cost of an average execution versus housing a prisoner for one year.

Are murderers capable of redemption? 

Should states take the lives of their own citizens?

Are current methods of execution (electric chair, lethal injection, etc.) humane?

Is there too great a risk of executing the innocent? For example:

Jesse Tafero was convicted of murder and executed via electric chair in May 1990 in Florida for the murders of two Highway Patrol officers. Not only was Tafero wrongly accused, his electric chair malfunctioned as well – three times! As a result, Tafero’s head caught on fire. A debate soon ensued around humane methods of execution and lethal injection became the preferred method of execution over the electric chair. (Texas had stopped using the electric chair in 1964 BTW.)

Is the system racially biased? Research the racial percentages within the prison population versus the total US population

Two sources listed above are : and

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