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The Egyptian gaze on receiving a bodily “gift”

Instructions-In this paper discuss one of the current ethical and political debates related to the body; which is, generally, the Egyptian gaze on receiving a bodily “gift” (bodily “gift” as in organ transplants). And more specifically, how has the Egyptian gaze and occurrence of organ transplants been reshaped today based on the passed law of 2010 regarding transplants based upon aspects of religion, living standards, and the law? And further, what does the dichotomy of organ transplants and the law teach make us learn about body politics ? 

-Use the first reading: “Intimate Distances” by Francisco Varela as a primary base for the paper. 

-“Our Bodies Belong to God : Organ Transplants, Islam, and the Struggle for Human Dignity in Egypt” by Sherine Hamdy (PDF in attachments)

– “Egyptians’ social acceptance and consenting options for posthumous organ donation; a cross sectional study” (

-Egypt debates transplant law, hopes to cut organ trade ( )

-Egyptians still hesitant on organ donation (

-Egypt organ transplant bill welcomed by WHO ( 

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