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How the Federal Reserve react to the Great Recession ?

How the Federal Reserve react to the Great Recession ? and did it worked?

Instructions- the recession is referred to the (2007) recession or financial crisis.-The essay is about what the U.S. Federal Reserve did or what methods it used to remedy the 2007 recession that triggered the housing crisis, and whether these methods worked. The    professor does not want summaries of what the recession was, as this would guarantee me a zero ( we asumming the reader already knows about the great recession) but rather two         methods such as price stabilization or job maximization or tax cuts. Also do an analysis of      liquidity and gross domestic product and what happened to it during the  recession. The        use of tables and graphs will be necessary to justify any important data. (At least 3 images of  tables and graphs with references).- Important!! take a position stated in front (in thesis statement). yes it worked no it didn’t.-make a structure: for example First the Fed did this…. Second they did this… singpost-talk about only Monetary policy ( only what the Fed did) Not Fiscal (not what the congress    did nor the president did).-Footnotes are important-The sources can only be taken from periodicals, books , journal, Tabloids, NY times. (No      wikipedia , no huntington post or any source that has been peer review or scholarly                 reviewed).-the federal reserve website it is a good source.-at the end a page of sources in chicago style.-show page number- Last but no least I am no a pro on this topics and for sure I am not the best in my class , so make it sound not to professional but more of a clear research paper from an average student who understood the topic. please- 

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