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The Industrial Revolution and Child Labor Review


The report should include: 

A description of the ‘Media’ you have chosen.

A discussion of the context of the media project, including attention to historical, social, political, economic, and global factors.   

An exploration of the ways children and childhood are represented in the project.

An analysis of the implications of the project for the status of childhood and children’s well-being.

As well as deconstructing the project you’ve chosen, and considering these 4 bullet points, also think about children as producers and consumers of representations of childhood – so did children have any involvement in the production of the project, are they consumers of it either directly or indirectly?? Might be interesting to also look and see if there are any responses from children or views of children about the project you’ve chosen to focus on….

Examples of media projects you can choose a film, book, poster, charity campaign, or a news paper article.

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