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The Industrial Revolution Changed the Way of Life in America

Students are to write a minimum 200-word reflection, provide a personal opinion not summary, on the topic of the chosen video. Then reflect/critique another student discussion submission (minimum 100-words).



Marcos Flores (He/Him)

Apr 12, 2022 at 5:41 PM

The video that I chose to watch was “History Vs. Andrew Jackson”. I found it interesting how Andrew Jackson’s actions are seen in a negatives light today rather than being glorified at the time. I liked the way that the video created a court room for the video, and how with all of Jackson’s action being questioned there were arguments and counter-arguments. The arguments where it showed how, while something might not have been entirely caused by Jackson, he did enable or approve of them. It is interesting to see how a former president could be represented as very unqualified and irresponsible. How it shows all of his wrong doings and proves how he was not capable of being a successful president. Especially today, the way that Jackson treated the Native Indians, and helped cause the Trail of Tears, it shows how he could be seen as a bad person today. It is interesting how the video can show how wrong the removal act was, yet Andrew Jackson could still be seen as a hero. I found it interesting how the video ends with asking what political leader hasn’t sacrificed moral principles in order to achieve political goals. I think that it is important for the actions of past historical figures to be looked at again and questioned.

Explanation & Answer: 250 words

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