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The little mermaid assignment at an affordable cost


Write a 3 to 4 page essay that contrast Hans Christian Andersen story the little mermaid written in 1936 and 1989 Disney film the little mermaid. What are the differences between the film and the original story and why are these differences are significant? Include specific examples and quotations from both the story and film to support your response. Ideas to consider include but are not limited to the following: and what way does the aerial character reflect a woman’s role and attributes towards women’s during the different time periods? Are there other characters that are not different? Which one and how? Why are these differences important?Is the setting the same or different? In what ways?What are some of the important symbols?What theme or overall message is each story telling the audience? What do these differences messages suggest about the cultures and different and or have evolved in each time period?This essay must be in the third person only.

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