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The Nudist subculture Assignment at an Affordable Cost


The instructions for this essay are to make a claim about a subculture and back it up.  I chose Nudists as my subculture. I wanted to explore why there is so much stigma associated with nudity; why is there an automatic association between nudity and sexuality. I wanted to use the Nudist movement as an example of how to begin the process of normalizing nudity. My claim is along the lines of, “Normalizing (or destigmatizing) nudity could help solve several societal problems”. I am flexible on how this claim is phrased, especially since I couldn’t figure out how to include the Nudist movement in the sentence, which I’d wanted to do. Actually, I’m also flexible on the claim. There is an article called “This Photo Series is Fighting the Harmful Stigma Associated With Nudity”, written by Tiernan Hebron, which articulated many problems associated with the stigma of nudity which I wanted to address. I’ve attached the assignment, but PLEASE DISREGARD PAGE 2 OF THE ASSIGNMENT SHEET – that is a separate assignment that I’ve already done. I just need the essay and works cited page (or list of sources). I’ve also attached a list of sources that I’d already compiled. I am not wild about all of them, so feel free to not use any or all of them. They are pretty much background info about Nudism in general; not necessarily about my claim that normalizing nudity would be a helpful thing. 

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