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Ancient Greek mythology: the Oracle of Delphi

InstructionsA) PAPER SHOULD BE:
– double-spaced with one-inch margins, using a font size no larger than 12 pt.

– a TITLE and TITLE PAGE with your name and the course information on it (not counted as one of your 6 to
8 pages!); cover illustrations, font size, and style on the title page are optional
– an INTRODUCTION, a MIDDLE PART, and a CONCLUSION [see Note on Structure and Style below]
– a BIBLIOGRAPHY of all the sources you used, in MLA format. See the following links for guidance:

• A minimum of five sources, including one PRIMARY SOURCE (i.e., a first-hand or contemporary
account of an event or topic) is required
• Be sure to use proper ANNOTATIONS when you are quoting directly from, or making other references to,
any works. Use the MLA style of parenthetical references, citing author and short-form URL or page

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