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The Poor Feel The Heat

The Poor Feel The Heat More Than Their Richer Neighbors


Annotated Bibliography Assignment

Carefully read the two articles posted in this section of D2L.  For this assignment you will locate 8 sources that pertain to your Capstone topic and thesis.

A Bibliography is an alphabetical list of sources you are planning to use for your Capstone project. (You may ultimately decide the source is not helpful, so including a source for this assignment does not mean you must it. You may find other sources that are more helpful as you continue your research.)  This list is called a Bibliography because it includes the bibliographic information for each source (author, title, publisher etc.)

An Annotation is a summary and evaluation of the source. Therefore, an Annotated Bibliography includes both the bibliographic information and a brief summary and evaluation of each source.  You can find an excellent example on the Purdue Owl Website: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/614/02/

The annotations should do three things: 

  1. Briefly Summarize—If someone asked you what the article or book is about, what would you say? What is the point?  What topics are covered?
  2. Assess—Is it a useful source?  Is the information reliable?  Is the author objective or biased? 
  3. Reflect—Is this source helpful? How does it help shape your argument? Has it changed how you think about your topic?  What role do you think the source will play in your capstone research paper? For instance, the source could provide evidence for your argument, or an authoritative voice that supports your argument.  You could also be using the source as an example of a counter argument, etc.  

Each annotation should be approximately 250 words.  Please do not go over the word count.  The longest part of the annotation should be the 3rd step- which is reflecting how you will use the source.

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