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The Removal of Confederate Statues and Flags Discussion


  1. In 100 words or more discuss your views on the removal of confederate statues and flags taking place across the United States as a result of the Black Lives Matter Movement.
  2. Reply to two classmates by Sunday night.

    Classmate 1: Hi everyone!In my opinion, I do believe that it is for the best to remove confederate statues and flags. Even though I do understand that some people might see it as part of their past or of their heritage, I think it is more important to show solidarity to those who passed away fighting for civil rights. Having said that, I don’t think that that part of history and that symbol should be erased from textbooks. I think that it is important to have knowledge and to acknowledge our mistakes as a country in an effort to not repeat them. For instance, I would go as far as comparing it to that Nazis, typically we don’t see statues of Hitler (or if we do, we don’t usually think that it is a good thing) or when the swastika is painted on a wall or something is taken like a hate crime. Why is that perspective and standard not taken with the confederate flag? Overall, I don’t think that we should continue the use of the confederate flag or keep the statues of confederate soldiers simply because they represent something that we no longer are, however that part of history should not be erased or forgotten. Classmate 2: Hello everybody,In my opinion, the removal of statues of confederate flags exists two things. Firstly, on the part of the Black Lives Matter movement, which will probably ease their anger at what racism has caused. We know that racism is cruel and should not be in our lives. Second, historically, removing statues or confederate flags would make us lose a piece of history because statues were erected to honor significant historic contributions or mark critical historical events. These statues are not only of historical significance but also of educational significance for the next generation. I think removing statues or confederate flags requires careful consideration of which statues or flags need to be removed or preserved. Everything has two sides to it, we need to perceive it properly and act accordingly.