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The State of Workplace Safety Discussion


ENGL 2311 Project 3: Technical Report and Business Email Technical Report and Business Email: Overview In this assignment, you will write a technical report and a business email that introduces the report to its target audience. Technical reports define technical terms, summarize and explain complex information, and, in many cases, make recommendations based on the information in the report. Business emails are a key form of professional communication. You will complete a five-part assignment sequence, for a score of up to 30 points = 30/30 =100%. The technical report for this assignment will be about a specific, “in real life” problem of your choosing — either in your academic field/ major, your workplace, or your local neighborhood and/or hometown — that you believe deserves more attention from a local organization that can possibly solve that problem. Your report will define key terms, use researched data to detail the current status of the problem for different stakeholders (those affected by the problem), and make recommendations based on your analysis of technical information from at least one researched source. You will share your report and its recommendations with a key stakeholder via a business email that provides context, introduces key points in the report, and calls the recipient to action.

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