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Theartre slide presentation Assignment at an Affordable Cost


you will synthesize your understanding of theatre as we have studied into a theoretical theatrical design for one of the plays we have read this semester; Antigone orA Raisin in the Sun or Water by the Spoonful

The lectures from Week 5: Theatre Design will be particularly helpful in the creation of your final project. Please be sure to review these lectures as you create your final project.

For the final assignment, you will create a brief design presentation for either Antigone orA Raisin in the Sun or Water by the Spoonful. This presentation will include an explanation of the theatre space, a director’s concept, and a series of slides focused on either the scenic design, the lighting design, OR the costume design.

Note: Image research is required for this project. I do not want to see ANY photos from other productions of Water by the Spoonful or A Raisin in the Sun, including the movie. If you use image research that pulls from films/productions of your selected play you will LOSE POINTS. 

Technical Elements:

  • Should be created in Google Slides or Powerpoint.
  • Organization and layout is clean, images are free from watermarks
  • Includes a title page with the name of the show, your name, and the name of this class
  • Basic structure is as follows:
    • Slide 1 = Title
    • Slide 2 = Theatre Space
    • Slide 3 = Director’s Concept, Typed
    • Slide 4 = Director’s Concept Mood Imagery
    • Slides 5-7 = Design Presentation (Scenic, Lighting, OR Costumes)
    • Slides 8-9 = Extra Credit (Optional)

Theatre Space, 1 slide:

  • 1 slide describing the type of theatrical space you are setting your show in (i.e. Proscenium, in-the-round, thrust, non-traditional, etc.)
    • A written description of the space, its layout, and how it affects the audience’s relationship to the actors
    • Includes at least one picture of a similar theatre space or the specific one you have chosen.

Director’s Concept, 2 slides:

  • Slide 1: a description of what you aim to achieve with your production
    • How do you plan to achieve it? Through acting style? Through specific costume/scenic/lighting choices?
    • Look to the examples we have discussed in class before. Will it be naturalistic and trying to recreate reality on the stage exactly? Selective realism? Surrealism? Futurism? Will you use elements from early Asian theatres or other forms of theatre?
    • Can be in a bulleted list
    • What is your production trying to say? Do you want to use it to address a political or social issue? Do you want to provide escapism and entertainment?
    • How will you approach the style of the show?
  • Slide 2: mood imagery
    • Take your concept and pull some visuals that help represent what you want to say as a director. These can be as literal or as abstract as you want them to be.

Design Concept, +/- 4 slides:

Approximately 4 slides dedicated to eitherlighting design, scenic design, or costume design. You only have to pick one design to focus on.

Slide 1 for any discipline chosen:

  • Slide 1: A written description or bulleted list of the following:
    • Your design concept
    • How does it support the director’s concept?
    • What are your goals with the costume/lighting/scenic design?
    • How do you plan to achieve them by utilizing the functions of design for the discipline you have chosen?
  • Slides 2-4 will vary depending on the discipline you have chosen.

Pick ONE discipline from the following:

Lighting Design:

  • Pick three dominant moods, atmospheres, or scenes you want to create with the lighting. These are what we call lighting moments. They can often align with the structure of the plot: the introduction, the climax, and resolution.
  • Create 3 slides, with each lighting moment having own slide (3 slides total) 
    • Give it a title
      • Example: “Lovers Reunited,” “Sunset in the Glades,” “Oedipus’ Downfall” 
    • Create a mood board collage of 4-6 images for each slide that convey the lighting you are striving to achieve
      • Make sure they are free from watermarks and arranged neatly on the slide
    • Put a written description of the mood/atmosphere/scene and how the lighting supports or creates that feeling.
      • Address the functions of lighting design for EACH mood and how you aim to achieve them 
        • Can be written in bullet points on the slide or in the speaker notes

Scenic Design:

  • Slide 2: A written description of the scenic design and how it relates to the action of the play.
    • Address the functions of scenic design and how you aim to achieve it with your scenic concept
      • Can be written in bullet points on the slide or in the speaker notes
  • Slide 3: Create a mood board collage of 4-6 images showing inspiration for the scenic design layout, the texture and color of the paint, and the materials used
  • Slide 4: A drawing of the scenic design, drawn as if you were sitting in the audience.
    • I have included in this module line drawings of our GCC Studio (our Thrust space) and the GCC Mainstage (our Proscenium space).
    • Create a simple sketch of the scenic design you have in mind

Costume Design:

  • Pick three named characters from the play (i.e. not “the policeman” from Water by the Spoonful). Each will have its own slide.
  • Create 3 slides each with the following:
    • The name of the character you have chosen
    • A collage of 4-6+ images that convey how they are dressed from head to toe. Make sure the images are free from watermarks and neatly arranged. Use cropping and annotations to call out specific parts of the image you want to focus on.
    • A written description of their costume and how it supports their character.
      • Address the functions of costume design.
      • Can be written in bullet points on the slide or in the speaker notes

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