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Theatre Director Assignment at an Affordable Cost


In this fourth module of the semester you will read “The Director”, “Production Team and Hierarchy”, and “Play Writing and Scripts”.  After you read these chapters in the online textbook please follow these instructions for your assignments. 

Read unit 10 “The Director” and also view the video on the director.  (There is also a very humorous look at the directing process also provided for you to view).  After you read the chapter and watch this program complete this assignment:

This is an informal response writing paper of approximately two pages in length, (or a minimum of five paragraphs).  Correct spelling, punctuation, and quality of content will be considered when grading your work.  Your assignment must be submitted in a Word Document or Blackboard will not be able to accept it. 

Imagine yourself as a theater director.  Utilize your textbook’s information about script options, staging options, venues, and presentation style options select a script of your choosing and complete this assignment:

Directing requires you to articulate your creative ideas clearly and specifically, often under enormous constraints of time and urgency. One of the most important aspects of this project is to help you develop an effective, practical approach and appreciation for the work of the director.

In your response paper state which play you have chosen (be sure to include the author’s name!) and answer the following questions:

1) A Summary of the play in one brief paragraph.

2) Cast requirements and brief description of characters.

3) Why you chose the play and why you find it compelling.

4) What are the key given circumstances? (who, what, where, when, etc.)

5) What is the theme and central conflict?

6) What principal issues or particular challenges do you anticipate in directing this play (including all the technical challenges)?

videos given:

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